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STEM Cafe Tech Camp was created to provide a well-rounded summer experience for students in grades 2-10. Our mission is to make every day at camp memorable by filling it with intriguing Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics activities and fun interactions.

With that goal in mind, the curriculum for each program is developed with a focus on exploration and skill-building. Devices such as laptops, iPad tablets, quad-copters and ZOME tools will be used to challenge campers to code, to navigate and to build. Projects are designed to keep students engaged and collaborating in creative ways.

Making Success Count


Practice makes perfect. At STEM Cafe Tech Camp, we believe reduced class sizes and specialized course development will give your child a higher chance of success in acquiring STEM-related skills. Sessions are taught by motivated counselors, adept at creating atmospheres conducive to practice. Students will have multiple opportunities to design simple machines, build to meet specifications, plot to solve problems and listen to understand others’ ideas. We believe this attention to detail, will help your child hone the necessary skills for success.

Being college and career ready requires students to apply learning to new situations and environments. Our approach to teaching STEM courses invites children to learn through creative challenges and collaborative work ethic. The teamwork skills your child develops at STEM Cafe Tech Camp translates to his or her formal education. For example, keeping accurate records, communicating with team members and developing stamina for task completion are all applicable to many of the traditional math and science courses. At STEM Cafe Tech Camp, these fundamentals are at the core of instruction.


Our Mission is to empower today’s students to become tomorrow’s leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators.